I look at you and I see something magical, so amazing that makes me fall for you over and over again. I look at you and see something so tempting that makes me want you even more. I look at you and see something that I can’t be without.
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It’s not like we haven’t lived anything worth blogging about…

It is more like we have lived and gone through quite a lot and somethings and feeling sometimes are complex that I don’t know how to put them into words.

We have now been together for 1 year and 2 months. It may seem like a lot for those who never loved and too little for those who have been with their loved ones for maybe 10 years. But from my point of view being together for a little over a year isn’t enough to completely comprehend each other and have a hundred percent complicity, but it is a long journey to that destination.

Ever since my last post, when we had recently moved in to our new house with his family, a lot happened and I’m just not capable of putting all the facts together in one big post. But I can try.

Living with his family hasn’t been hard at all. We might not be in sync all the time but no major complaints. I myself am truly glad and grateful by their presence since I didn’t have much of a family while growing up, and he has brought a meaning to the word “family” which I never got to experience before.

His aunts from Brazil came to visit and stayed at our place for 10 days. I was so happy to get to know them and I already miss them a lot, since they left give days ago. And I know he misses them too and it broke his heart to say goodbye to part of himself represented by the lovely twins Vanessa and Vania are. From having them here, I got to experience how much his loved ones matter and how much family should always stick together, something completely different than my reality.

We just got back from New York and Atlantic City. We went away for my birthday and it was really good to get way, which is still our favorite thing in the world.

Before writing this post I went back to the very first one and re-read all of them. To me, it is like reading a fairy tale on which I was part of, and it really touches my heart to remind myself of the beginning.

I wish I could say things are still the same as they were, and the struggles, the routine, the mistakes, the arguments and the fights did not take a toll on us. But it did. It did and things now are painfully different and they call for a drastic change, which I don’t know what shall be.

He is still my little prince and I still love him dearly, and that’s the reason why the both of us keep holding on to being one.

Today I asked him if he wishes he was with someone smarter than me. He told me no, but he wishes I sweater. And you know what, I wish I was sweater too. I wish I could’ve been sweater my whole life, but growing up alone I had to fight for everything I have, and being sweater almost meant to be weak. But I want to be sweater and I would honestly change a lot of things in myself to become a better person for him.

Halloween is coming, summer is almost over, and I hope the fall brings out the best in us once again.

(At a nice and loud speakeasy bar in Boston)
-Babe, you know I’m ADHD right?
-Oh yeah!
-So you know I always have my eyes on the most sparkling thing… Right?
-Yeah, and what is it?
— mrandmrscesar.tumblr.com
It’s a hot summer night but the room is cool. There’s a cricket chirping very softly and it’s very peaceful. You are laying next to me in a deep sleep and you look serene. As beautiful as ever and I feel like the luckiest man for sharing a bed with the one I love. I can’t even sleep because I’m so happy and very excited for our future. Life is absolutely perfect in a moment like this. Our kids haven’t even been born yet but I can already hear them around the house…amazing thoughts racing through my mind. But then…you farted. It didn’t make a sound. Silent, but deadly. The room stinks right now and the cricket is chirping very loudly. The room is not so cool anymore and the kids ran away. You still look beautiful but I can barely breath. Life is still great but the smell is really funky. All my thoughts raced by me and they are also gone. I’m waiting impatiently until the smell goes away or I eventually get used to it. Well, my nostrils are not burning anymore…so, good night love!
— Rick Cesar (praisingfools.tumblr.com)
Celebrating our 10th anniversary last month.
Has it really been almost a year that I found the love of my life?

Celebrating our 10th anniversary last month.
Has it really been almost a year that I found the love of my life?

so Mr Cesar has his come back fight next Saturday! He’ll be facing another MMA fighter in the 150 pounds amateur category and I couldn’t be more worried.That bruised face is the product of intensive training, and I’m a nervous wreck about the actual fight. He has been very determined and it’s pretty impressive how he managed to change his body in such little time.
It’s not I don’t think he is a great fighter. He is actually great at everything he does. It’s just that I’m worried about a serious injury, especially because he had only about a month to prepare himself for this fight. And of course, as his First Lady, I have the obligation to be worried about him, no surprises there.
Wish him good luck! You go Mad Man!

how we feel about the new cucumber facial mask hahahahah

how we feel about the new cucumber facial mask hahahahah

Hey Babe

Hey babe,
It’s 3am and I’m wide awake.
I have too much on my mind.
Too many feelings inside.

My thoughts are racing across.
But don’t worry.
Life is beautiful.
Love is plentiful.

I’m full of life and it’s overflowing.
That’s why I can’t sleep.
I keep thinking about how amazing our future will be.

Hey babe,
I want to give a hug.
I want to caress you.
I want to kiss you all over.
I want to tell you I love you.

I just didn’t want to wake you.
But I want you to know, what I felt.
How my love was safekeeping while you were sleeping.

Hey babe,
I’m holding your hand.
Your touch is warm.
You are giving me peace.
You put me at ease.

Good night my princess.
I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile in the morning light.
The only sight that makes my days bright.

Rick Cesar.
March 31st, 2014